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Types of Stone for Richmond Countertops

types of stones
When it comes to types of stone for your next remodeling, restoration, or new build project, you can't do better than to visit our showroom full of choice natural stone slabs and products ranging in hundreds of color options. With natural stone, each Richmond countertop is always an original designed by nature.
Our expert stone specialists at Natural Stoneworks, LLC are highly skilled fabrication and installation specialists who take your choice of naturally occurring stone and fabricate it into the pieces you need for your project. Whether you're planning to use one of our stones for your new kitchen countertops, to top bathroom vanities, as fireplace surrounds and hearths, for outdoor kitchens and more, you'll have your choice in edging, textures, and quality installations.
There are several main types of stone we work with, of differing varieties.


Granite is commonly used in so many ways, including new kitchen countertops in Richmond and bathroom vanities, but can also be used in showers, tub surrounds, flooring, or walls. It is as common in commercial building applications as marble. You'll be able to find it in many high-end buildings that use quality materials for aesthetic appeal and in remodeled or newly built custom homes. From walls to floors to countertops, it's a versatile and durable material that probably only an earthquake could truly damage.


Marble is an elegant, high-end, luxurious-looking material that's extremely hard and durable. It comes in slabs of varying colors with slight variations in hues. Some marble has veining, or it may have a few veins that do not dominate the color. Veining may be thick or thin, but either way it adds a nice accent to an otherwise solid piece of stone. From new kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities to fireplace surrounds and hearths to surfaces for an outdoor kitchen area, marble will always go well in a luxurious space where you're wanting to add even more value.


Soapstone is loved by many, and it's been used in just about everything you can think of, including inlaid designs, sculpture, coasters, carvings, bowls, cooking slabs, cooking pots, glasses, jewel boxes, and more. It's been used for molds for casting soft metals like pewter or silver and is easily carved. It's not degraded by heating, and the slick surface allows the finished object to be easily removed.


Quartz makes beautiful kitchen countertops and other surfaces for your home or commercial property. If you're considering this material for a building project, why don't you come by our huge showroom here at Natural Stoneworks, LLC near Richmond and take a look at our thousands of slabs of natural stone and get a close-up look at quartz? You'll be surprised how beautiful this material is and how you'll have hundreds of colors of stone you can choose from!
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