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Stone Fabrication Services in Richmond

Our stone specialists have been working with stone for a long time and can fabricate your stone according to all your wishes. Fabrication is a process where we cut, shape, polish, or handle your stone in various ways that create diverse options in finishes and edges. It also involves cutting huge slabs into pieces that fit perfectly to your projects.
Our Richmond stone fabrication and installation services are what set us apart from most of our competition. Instead of providing you with a showroom of precut stone that we don't customize or install, we give you full services from the time you come in to look at your choices to the time you approve the finished installation.

Custom-Cut Fabricated Stone

Natural stone can be custom cut to fit on any size or layout of countertops, walls, flooring, or furniture pieces. Cutting of stone materials like granite or quartz requires specialized equipment. This process is called fabrication, but cutting isn't the only thing that can be done with custom fabrication.
While almost anyone can run any type of simple-to-use machinery, it takes someone special to work with natural stone and create something wonderful out of it. When stone is fabricated with customizations tailored to the customer, options open wide. From varying finishes to different countertop edges, our fabrication services make the stone into the pieces you're looking for.

Fabricated Custom Finishes for Stone

When people consider the finish that's available for natural stone like granite or marble, the first thing that comes to mind is a highly polished, smooth surface. But that's not the only type of finish that beautiful and popular today! There are many finishes that can be fabricated for your stone. Some of these choices include surfaces that are:
  • Honed
  • Polished
  • Brushed
  • Leathered
  • Flamed
  • Bush-Hammered
  • Tumbled
  • Sandblasted
  • Cleft-Faced
  • River-Washed

Custom Fabricated Stone Edges

When you have a company like ours here at Natural Stoneworks, LLC who can fabricate your choice in natural stone, that means you can have your choice of edges put on the pieces as well as your choice in finishes. On countertops, a great custom-cut edge can make the piece perfect for the decorative style of the space it will be installed in. There are standard edges as well as premium edges, edges that are cut and shaped directly onto one piece, or edges that are created by cutting and adhering a second piece of stone to the underside of the edge (giving it a double-thick look).

Standard Fabricated Edges

  • Eased – This is almost a straight edge but is just slightly rounded
  • Rounded – A fully curved top edge
  • Bevel – This appears like the rounded edge but is cut flat on the top edge instead of rounded

Premium Fabricated Edges

  • Wide Bevel – ¾-inch
  • Bullnose – A wider curve than rounded
  • Full Bullnose – An even wider curved edge with a curve that wraps around the bottom as well
  • Chiseled – Gives the stone a natural-looking edge
  • Ogee – The edge takes on the shape of a piano lid when closed
  • Cove Ogee – The Ogee edge with a concave bevel on the top edge
  • Step Dupont – Top is cut with a slight 90-degree angle then rounded
  • Cove Dupont – The Step Dupont with an extra concave bevel
Using natural stone in your home is a great way to bring the feelings associated with the outdoors into your home. You'll have many options available to you in custom stone fabrications in Richmond that can set your stonework apart from all others. When you're looking for stone specialists instead of just stone salesmen, come to Natural Stoneworks, LLC and we'll take great care of you!
If you are looking for custom countertops and stone in Richmond, please call 804-550-3446 or complete our online request form.