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Redo Your Fireplace With These Stone Options

Marble Fireplace
Your hearth is one of the most important features of your fireplace. The hearth, commonly made of brick, stone, or tile, is the floor extension of your fireplace - it's been designed to add beauty to the structure in your home and also adds safety when you are burning a fire.

Beautify your traditional fireplace hearth by using any of the natural stone alternatives to give your home a more modern appeal. Your natural stone installation specialist will assist you in choosing the best stone for your fireplace's design.

Depending on how much stone you choose for your fireplace and whether you are doing a flat or raised hearth, your fireplace upgrade will cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 on average.


When designing a fireplace hearth, you have to keep the heat tolerance of any natural stone in mind. Soapstone is an excellent metamorphic stone that is impervious to high heat and fire, making this natural rock ideal for a long-lasting hearth design.

Soapstone has a pleasing texture (like soap, where the name of the rock comes from). Soapstone offers a streamlined, contemporary appeal to your fireplace. This stone is available in shades of green or gray. Design your fireplace hearth around a solid shade of soapstone or add a mosaic effect by incorporating various shades of the smooth rock to your hearth's design.


Marble is known for its classic elegance and instant sophistication and is often used in countertops as well as fireplace designs. Surprisingly, marble is a very durable, heat resistant natural stone that is great for fireplace hearth use.

Marble is applied to your fireplace's hearth in two ways: natural or polished. If you want a rugged, natural effect for your marble fireplace, then leave the stone unpolished. Polishing your marble hearth leaves the stone shiny and smooth for a more contemporary appeal. Marble stone is available in a variety of hues to match your home's decor.


Granite is a wise choice for a fireplace hearth because the natural stone is cheaper than marble - marble is one of the pricier stones available - but is extremely durable and just as ornate.

Like marble, you can install granite stone in your fireplace hearth in its natural state or have the rock polished. Keep in mind that polishing the stone will help prevent cracks, chips, and staining - this is important because while granite is very durable, the stone is still porous.


This decorative stone is known to be one of the hardest minerals on earth and is not prone to chipping or cracking the way other natural stone materials can be. Quartz is heat resistant - though not as much as granite is. Still, this beautiful stone is often used in fireplace hearth designs due to the soft, pastellike hues the rock comes in and the understated beauty this material can add to your home.

When putting a natural stone fireplace hearth in your home, have the material sealed, whether you opt for a polished sheen or a natural texture. Sealing the rock helps keep the stone less porous and helps keep stains, chips, and other damage at bay. Seal your fireplace hearth periodically - always have the sealing done by a natural stone professional.

Upgrading your outdated or traditional fireplace hearth can make your fireplace more attractive. Natural stone can be placed around a gas or natural wood burning fireplace with ease. One of our specialists at Natural Stoneworks, LLC will be happy to show you our vast selection of natural stone. Call us today to discuss your fireplace renovation. We look forward to working with you.