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Add Glamour to Your Bathroom With Vanity Tops

Modern Bathroom
Bathrooms come in a large range of styles. Ultra-modern bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular, while contemporary and transitional are longtime favorites. However, an old-school traditional bathroom brings up images of glamorous grooming routines.
Even if your morning routine is more rushed than glam, you can create a space that lets you feeling luxurious while grooming at least for a short while. The centerpiece of such a bathroom is your vanity. Use this guide to select a natural stone material for your vanity.
Choose the Stone
For your glamorous bathroom, a natural stone vanity is a good start. Your main options for the vanity are granite and marble. Quartz and soapstone are also possibilities.
Marble is a high-end material for vanity tops and is ideal for the glam bathroom. You commonly find marble vanities in old-world bathrooms with a Mediterranean flair or traditional resort styles. Carrara marble is the classic stone, with the characteristic white or blue-gray background and dark veining. However, calacatta can offer the same look.
Granite is another good option. The stone is as durable as it is beautiful. If you like the look of marble but don't want to break the budget, marbled granite is a good option. Speckled and solid-colored granite are equally attractive.
Granite and marble should be sealed to make them more resistant to dirt and staining. The sealer works to fill in any micro-cracks between the interlocking minerals that compose the natural stones.
Another way to simulate the look of marble or granite is with a quartz vanity top. Quartz countertops consist of crushed stone mixed with resin and pigments. Manufacturers create the surface to resemble marble or granite, but quartz countertops have a more consistent coloration and pattern. Quartz vanity tops are low maintenance and durable.
Soapstone is an uncommon material for bathroom vanities, but it can be just as attractive as other natural stones. The color ranges from gray to black with some slabs showing some green. Veins are the most common pattern, though solid-colored soapstone is also popular. Soapstone is more heat-resistant than quartz, so soapstone is a good option if you use hot styling tools.
If you're not sure what you want, visit a showroom to see what material you like best.
Consider a Glossy Finish
Bathroom vanities are high-use surfaces so consider a glossy finish for whatever stone you choose. With this finish option, fabricators sand the slab and polish it until it shines. The glossy surface repels moisture and can also make the surface more resistant to heat. Plus, the polished surface promotes the glamorous ambiance in your bathroom.
Look at Elaborate Edging
Fabricators offer you numerous edging options for any natural stone counter or vanity top. Because you want a fancy appeal to your vanity, consider choosing one of the more elaborate edge options
The waterfall edge features three curves that seem to flow from the edge of the surface. You only see the beauty of this edge from the side, but it's a good option for safety.
The Dupont edge is fairly elaborate. It starts with a corner, and a half-bullnose descends from the edge.
An even fancier edge is the ogee. This option has a square edge on top with the classic S-shape descending just below. The shape dates back to Renaissance architecture.
You can also choose a laminated or composite edge. With this style, contractors increase the depth of the edge of your vanity by cementing another bit of the natural stone. You can then mix and match edge styles for an even more statement-worthy vanity top.
The vanity top is only the first step in adding glamour to your bathroom. However, a glam vanity with a natural stone top will go a long way toward promoting a Hollywood appeal. Natural Stoneworks, LLC can help you choose the stone and edging option that's best for your bathroom vanity.